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George “The Picture Man” August - The “King Tut Collection” – Circa 1985-1986

George “The Picture Man” August was the photographer of choice for decades in the UW Greek System, documenting good times for tens of thousands of UW students.  When George finally closed his office on the Ave, he called Bob Gilbert (who worked for George while a student at UW), and offered to donate old negatives he was holding in a box relating to Alpha Delta Phi events.  Bob agreed to take the negatives for safekeeping, where they remained in a box in the basement for decades, until removed as part of the current renovation.  There are about 50 rolls of negatives, and it appears that all or most of them related to events in 1985 and 1986.  This sponsorship would include the development of all these rolls, including digital images, that would be made available on a password protected cloud-based storage system accessible for download, printing and sharing by alumni of Alpha Delta Phi.