Goal $1.2 Mil - Raised $1,103,595 Fundraising Goal $1,200,000. Funds raised to date: $1,103,595 as of 5/13/2022

Fund the Study Spaces

In modern times, it is more standard for chapter members to sleep in their rooms, as opposed to a sleeping porch. 

Our new rooms are defined as Study Rooms, but will also allow active members to sleep in the spaces as well, while providing substantial tax incentives based on their design and usage.

The new configuration of the chapter house will provide 38 rooms designated as study rooms, but these rooms will also provide sleeping accommodations for 70 active members.  Additionally, the sleeping porch that is being retained on 3rd Old, will house bunk beds for 30 pledges, and is designated as the pledge porch.

Thirteen Single Study Rooms, Twenty 2-man Study Rooms, Three 3-man Study Rooms, and Two, 4-man Study Rooms make up the room configurations.

The newly renovated house will be capable of housing 100 residents.

Opportunities exist for single item purchases, or full room sponsorship, with naming rights.

The new chapter house will retain a sleeping porch for each pledge class in the 3rd old original location, with beds for 30.